What to Consider when Keeping a Criminal Defense Attorney on Retainer

What to Consider when Keeping a Criminal Defense Attorney on Retainer

Individuals who find themselves frequently involved with criminal cases and other judicial matters would do well to hire a lawyer on retainer to handle all of their current and future legal needs.

Clients who are in need of regular representation or advice from a criminal lawyer can consider keeping such services on retainer as a means of easing the financial burden related to such activities. A retainer refers to a certain amount of money that is paid by a client beforehand with a view to prospective legal needs that might arise in the future, ensuring they are properly insured against such emergencies. People who keep an attorney on retainer can enjoy their services for an identified period of time without worrying about the expenses involved with such solutions.

Retainer Contract Models

Individuals who want to keep a Denver, CO criminal attorney on retainer can opt between two primary models available to such clients, regarding the payment system implemented with such an agreement. As earlier mentioned, a retainer refers to an amount of money paid to a lawyer for future services rendered, and the different models available provide guidelines as to how the funds submitted is charged by the legal firm. There are two main categories existent in this kind of agreement, and they include:

  1. The Retainer Fee Model

This is the more popular model implemented by most lawyers when dealing with new and infrequent clients who wish to develop a long-term connection with the firm regarding the provision of their services. In such circumstances, an individual is requested to either pay part or the entire sum of the legal fees involved in advance before a lawyer can offer their services. The amount paid is usually banked into an escrow account, where specific expenses related to the legal solutions provided are deducted from the total amount.

This deduction continues whenever the client seeks legal aid from the Denver, CO criminal attorney until the entire amount that was initially deposited is depleted, after which an additional retainer fee is then discussed for any future legal requirements an individual might have. This model is suitable for people who may not require the frequent use of legal services, but maintain adequate levels of activities requiring such provisions from time to time. The retainer fee discussed under this model depends on a variety of influential factors, such as the kind of services needed, the estimated period involved, and the hourly rates of the chosen law firm.

  1. The Frequent Use Model

Clients whose activities involve large amounts of legal circumstances and requirements especially regarding the avoidance of potential criminal offenses can opt for this model as a more reliable format for frequent use. In such cases, clients pay a certain amount of money to their law firm every month, or after a certain period initially agreed upon in the contract. That sum serves as payment for the entire length of time stated, and clients can freely access any legal aid they might require during this period without having to worry about additional expenses or exhausted funds. Once this timeline is over, a client is required to submit a retainer for the following period.

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