What to Avoid When Making a Claim

What to Avoid When Making a Claim

There are numerous pitfalls to avoid when making a claim, especially if you have decided to sue someone for a personal injury. Personal injury claims can be very complex, they take a lot of time to resolve as there are several factors to consider when settling a dispute. When in the process of making a claim, you must be careful and approach the situation with increased caution.

Time Frame

When making a claim against another party for something like a personal injury, you must consider the statutory limitations. Statutory limitations are the timeframes within which someone can claim for a specific injury, if you leave it too long, you may not be able to take your claim to court. You must address the situation as soon as possible to eliminate the chance of missing your deadline.

For instance, if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Australia, you must make a claim within 6 months of the day of the occurrence. If you leave it any longer, your claim will be dismissed, and you’ll receive zero compensation.

Insurance Investigators

If you are making a claim against another party, an insurance investigator will be assigned to your case. It is important to know that they aren’t impartial investigators, they are there to find faults in your story which they’ll use against you once they compile a case. These people work for the insurance companies, so they do everything in their power to help their employers.

You should never speak to an investigator or sign a legal document without having legal representation by your side. Your lawyer should be on hand to review the document before you agree to anything.

Social Media Activity

It is important to be aware of your social media account when making a claim, a lot of insurance companies will try to find out about you online. You may inadvertently post a harmless picture that puts you in a bad light or you could write a damning comment that an insurance company could use against you. Post on your social media account can have a negative impact on your case, although they may be deemed by yourself as meaningless, a court may see it otherwise. If you need guidance while pursuing a claim, you should contact no win no fee lawyers in Sydney to discuss your situation.

Medical Records

When making a claim, you’ll need your doctor to complete a comprehensive report, detailing all your injuries. If your doctor has failed to note certain details which are important to your case, the insurance company may use this against you. A thorough report should include information such as:

  • How the accident occurred
  • The injuries and symptoms you’ve experienced

It is important to be vigilant when making a claim, you must remember that you are also under investigation by the insurance companies who will do their best to prove that you aren’t entitled to compensation. A skilled Sydney lawyer will be able to offer valuable guidance and support during your case, helping you to avoid numerous pitfalls.

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