5 Gentle Dog Breeds for Families with Small Children

5 Gentle Dog Breeds for Families with Small Children

When raised and trained well, almost any dog can be a good family dog, but at times, base instincts do prevail when provoked. As small children do not often realize that they are provoking the temperament of the family dog, it is best to adopt a gentle and tolerant breed. Consider visiting to learn about dog breeds that are naturally comfortable to live with new people. If you have kids at home and you are looking to adopt a new dog, here are five breeds that would fit in perfectly.

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Bull Terrier

Before you start pointing out the fact that bullterriers have a reputation for being aggressive, know that it isn’t true. They are excellent companion dogs that love spending time with human beings in particular, but can be trained to live happily with other smaller and bigger pets as well. Bull terriers are full of energy, a bit mischievous and are seldom afraid of anybody really! Their high tolerance level and their willingness to play all day make them perfect for families with kids.


The Beagle was raised to hunt hares once, and while that makes them quite unsuitable if you have small pets such as guinea pigs or bunnies, they are just of the right size and temperament if you have children at home. This is a dog breed that loves to explore the outdoors, so if your child wants a companion to play with him/her outside, the beagle is the perfect choice. The breed is also known for a cheery disposition, small but stout build and above average intelligence.


Just as the name suggests, they really do originate from the eastern part of The Great White North. Do not be fooled by the breed’s huge size because although they are immensely strong, they love children. The newfoundland is an extremely intelligent breed which not only understands and tolerates children, but is also very protective of them. They are only suitable for your home if you have a large enough backyard for them to run around in, and in spite of the fact that they do shed a lot and drool quite a bit, you should always let your newfoundland sleep inside the house at night because they need to be close to their human family.


The vizsla is one of the most energetic dogs you will ever meet, but it’s also smart, loyal and affectionate towards its family. The only thing is that we would recommend you choose the breed if your kids are a bit older and are interested in running around a lot, because that’s exactly what this dog will want to do all the time!

Golden Retriever

This one is probably not a surprise for most of you because the golden retriever has been the staple family dog for ages now. Their calm, patient temperament means they hardly ever get aggressive, which makes them an excellent choice for families with small kids. While the golden retriever will likely not work as hard as say a beagle or a vizsla to play with your children, you will love this affectionate and loyal dog for its intelligence and good manners. For more information on the Golden Retriever breed and helpful tips on dog parenting, you can visit

You cannot really go wrong with any of these breeds, but depending on what you want from your pet, the perfect fit may differ. Nevertheless, as long as you love and treat your dog as a member of the family, things should eventually fall into place. These breeds may be the perfect dog breed for you. If you are interested in knowing about more dog breeds then visit

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