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Preparing Your Hydroponic Plants for the Cold winter ahead

Preparing Your Hydroponic Plants for the Cold winter ahead

With winter on the way, today we are going to be providing some great hydroponics gardening winter tips for all. Hydroponic gardening can be so much fun during the winter months when it is cold out, providing people with hours of indoor fun and projects for them to get their hands on.

Winter Hydroponics Top Tips

Keep an eye on temperatures – Plants root zones are incredibly vulnerable to the cold, when they are exposed to temperature below 19 degrees Celsius growth rate slows down and damage can occur. Ideal temperature for plants roots are between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius and therefore you should ensure that you provide your plants with the appropriate temperature if looking for success. Make sure that you purchase not only Gold label nutrients but also quality grow lights for you hydroponic set-up, whilst considering other equipment also such as heat mats.

Ensure your grow room has good circulation –It is vital to ensure that grow rooms/tents are provided with good circulation  With winter well on its way it is now possible the best time for you to upgrade your grow rooms climate control,air mixing and root zone temperature. Hydroponics fans can provide a cost effective way of circulating air round a  room, locking the heat in which you pay for inside and stopping it from escaping.

Keep you light and heat contained – Grow rooms and tents must be insulated properly during the winter, this will allow for you to save money as heat and light cannot escape from correctly insulated places. You can use hydroponic-purposed sheeting to insulate your growing environment affordably – This can be purchased from all reputable hydroponics suppliers.

Maintain humidity – Not only is winter incredibly cold with temperatures dropping tenfold, but it is also dry. Air becomes weak and indoor heating systems can dry out air even further, causing numerous problems when it comes to growing hydroponically. To combat this problem you should invest in a humidifier, this will assist amazingly. Make sure that you don’t over moisture your plants though otherwise they could get mouldy and face equally bad problems.

Follow these simply steps and you should be able to grow hydroponically incredibly well this winter. If you have any more tips to add, please do not hesitate to comment.

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